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Residential Metal Roofing: Is It Right for Me?

When the contractor delivered the sad news that my roof needed replacing, that led to a discussion of material choices. I was surprised to hear that metal roofing was an option. Sure, it was fine for commercial buildings, but a home? My contractor told me that metal is used for homes more than people realize. The panels can be designed to look like just about any type of roofing you can imagine. After looking at some samples and finding out about the long life of metal roofs, I decided to give it a try. Fifteen years later, my roof is still in great shape. If you are facing a roof replacement in the near future, let me tell you more about metal roofing. I'm betting that you'll decide this solution is right for your home.

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Residential Metal Roofing: Is It Right for Me?

    A Homeowner's Guide To Providing An Overview Of Roofing Issues Over The Phone To A Professional

    When your roof is in need of repair or replacement, you will likely go to great lengths to make sure that the company you eventually hire for the job is qualified and experienced to get the job done to your standards. However, most homeowners will take little time to make sure they are conveying the right information when they call a roofing company with their problem. Here is your guide to providing an overview of roofing issues to a professional so you can gain better insight into their services.

    Nip Your Leaking Roof In The Bud

    When it comes to replacing leaks in your asphalt shingles, it is important to understand how to go about it so that you don't mess them up even more. Roof leaks are a common problem for roofs. This can be devastating after you have paid thousands of dollars for a new roof to be installed on your home. While a lot depends on the quality of the asphalt, you can expect the shingles to last around 15 to 20 years.

    Four Things That You Need To Know About Care And Maintenance Of Your Wood Shakes

    If you have invested in having wood shakes installed on your home, you probably want them to last as long as possible. They can last for many years and even outlast other materials with the proper care. Some of the things that you need to do include regular cleaning, removing debris and even having the occasional repair done to your roof. If you have a shake roof on your home, here are some of the things that you should know about the care and maintenance of your roofing:

    Four Things To Consider When Having New Gutters Installed On Your Home

    If you want to have new gutters installed on your home, there are many options. In addition to the gutters, you can have things like rain collection, gutter guards and drainage for downspouts. These additional features can give you more out of your gutter installation and provide more benefits for your home. Here are four of the extra features that you may want to consider adding to your new gutter installation:

    What Causes Your Roof To Creak, Groan And Bang

    Houses make all sorts of noises no matter how old they are, and though many explanations involve things that don't really require urgent care -- such as your house "settling" -- you may need to have your roof inspected for damage or possible fortification. Believe it or not, even loud noises are normal for many houses, and can come as a result of a number of factors, such as the temperature outside.

    Is Your Roof Ready For Solar?

    Solar panels are gaining popularity among homeowners, and the prices for installation are falling. Combined with tax incentives that vary by state, installing solar panels may be a good financial move for your family. In fact, sometime this year the one millionth residential installation of solar panels will take place. Solar power is an attractive energy source because it can save you as much as $1,000 in energy costs each year.

    Why You Should Invest In A Flat Metal Roof For Your Business

    Are you investing in a new roof for your business? You may find that a flat metal roof is a good option because it can last long with the right kind of maintenance, plus there are other benefits to take advantage of. Find out below why a flat metal roof is a good business investment and what you will likely pay for it to be constructed. What Makes a Flat Metal Roof Good for a Business?

    Three Different Metal Roofing Materials You Can Choose For Your Roof Replacement

    If it is time to replace your roof, metal is a great choice for roofing material. It is long lasting, can protect your home from storms and fire, and there are many different choices of metal roofing products. If you want to have the look of slates or tiles, metal roofing shingles are a great solution. You can even have standing seam metal roofs for a more conventional metal roof for your home.