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Residential Metal Roofing: Is It Right for Me?

When the contractor delivered the sad news that my roof needed replacing, that led to a discussion of material choices. I was surprised to hear that metal roofing was an option. Sure, it was fine for commercial buildings, but a home? My contractor told me that metal is used for homes more than people realize. The panels can be designed to look like just about any type of roofing you can imagine. After looking at some samples and finding out about the long life of metal roofs, I decided to give it a try. Fifteen years later, my roof is still in great shape. If you are facing a roof replacement in the near future, let me tell you more about metal roofing. I'm betting that you'll decide this solution is right for your home.

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Residential Metal Roofing: Is It Right for Me?

Concrete Tile Roofing Is Well Worth The Cost

by Kelly Murphy

When you need a new roof, costs can be intimidating. The idea of paying $4.50 or more per square foot for concrete roofing tiles may seem preposterous, especially when you can pay much less for a standard asphalt shingle roof. The truth is, however, that while concrete tile roofs are expensive, they offer an array of benefits that make them very worth that cost.

It lasts longer than most other roofing materials.

Asphalt shingle roofs may be cheap, but they'll only last about 20 years. (You might get 50 years out of a high-end asphalt shingle roof, but these are more costly.) Even metal roofs can need replacement in as little as 40 years. But when you purchase a concrete tile roof, you're buying a product that is rated for a life expectancy of 100 years by the National Association of Home Builders. Choose concrete tile, and you will never have to replace your roof again – and the homeowners who follow you probably won't, either!

It won't blow off in high winds.

A high wind can rip shingles or even metal panels off a roof, leaving your home prone to leaks and water damage.  This is not an issue with concrete tiles. They're so heavy that even harsh storms are unlikely to loosen them, so you can feel safer and more secure in your home while also avoiding repair calls to a roofing company following a big storm.

It's not attractive to insects.

Wooden roofing can attract insects, and with asphalt roofing, insects can sometimes get underneath the shingles, especially once they're aged, and cause damage to the wooden roof underlayment. Concrete tiles, on the other hand, are not attractive to insects since they're made of inorganic materials, and they're too thick and sturdy for bugs to work their way through.

It's easy to wash and clean.

Especially if you live in a moist area, you may get some mold or algae buildup on your concrete roof. However, this is easy to scrub away. You don't have to worry about damaging the roof since it's made of sturdy concrete. You can scrub it with a brush and use a power washer from your ladder. The concrete also maintains its grippy texture when wet, so you can get on the roof more safely without worrying about it getting slippery like other materials tend to.

Don't let the cost of concrete roofing tiles deter you. They're sturdy, long-lasting, bug-resistant, and easy to maintain. In the end, you'll really get your money's worth when you invest in a concrete tile roof. Contact a roofing company, such as Jerry's Roofing, for more information.