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Residential Metal Roofing: Is It Right for Me?

When the contractor delivered the sad news that my roof needed replacing, that led to a discussion of material choices. I was surprised to hear that metal roofing was an option. Sure, it was fine for commercial buildings, but a home? My contractor told me that metal is used for homes more than people realize. The panels can be designed to look like just about any type of roofing you can imagine. After looking at some samples and finding out about the long life of metal roofs, I decided to give it a try. Fifteen years later, my roof is still in great shape. If you are facing a roof replacement in the near future, let me tell you more about metal roofing. I'm betting that you'll decide this solution is right for your home.

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Residential Metal Roofing: Is It Right for Me?

Choosing An Alternative Roofing Material For Your Home

by Kelly Murphy

When it is time to replace your current shingles, you need to look closely at the newer materials that are available. Several manufactures and roofers are offering a wider selection of material choices that are stylish and durable. By looking into these options, you may find an alternative to traditional asphalt shingles that suits your home better.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete is probably not the first material you think of when looking for roofing supplies. However, several manufacturers are using concrete to offer durable roofing for residential homes.

One available product is concrete tiles that manufacturers form and cure using a patented process. This is a great alternative when you want clay tiles, but you prefer a product that is more durable and less expensive.

Some companies even offer lightweight products if you are concerned about the tiles being too heavy. For example, you can find concrete tiles that are 5 1/2-7 pounds per square foot. This amount is less compared to the 9 1/2-12 pounds per foot that older tiles are known to be, which is why some people used to avoid them.

The lighter weight comes from these companies using shale instead of sand when producing their tiles. This change does not affect the durability of the tiles; it just makes them lighter.

Specialty Shingles

Another product you can find is commonly referred to as specialty shingles. These shingles are made from different materials such as fiberglass and composite compounds. The main concept with these materials is to create a product that looks like something else.

For example, some manufacturers use a fiberglass base with a ceramic coating to create tiles that look like slate roofing tiles. These products have the same texture and coloring as natural slate, but they are more durable, easier to install and require little to no maintenance.

Your other option is a composite compound that uses recycled materials such as old radial tires and asphalt shingle pieces to create new shingles. These composite shingles can resemble wood shakes, clay tiles or natural stone. In most cases, the manufacturers break down the older materials, reshape them, and then add color and texture to create their products.

With all of these material choices, you get the look you want to achieve without needing to harvest new resources. One aspect that makes slate tiles and wood shakes more expensive is that the materials need to come from their natural sources such as cutting down trees or mining for the stone. By using a recycled product, you reduce the material costs and you keep many of these items out of landfills.

Before you replace your roof, it is a good idea to know some alternative options. By knowing these options, you will have a better chance at finding a product that is both functional and stylish.  Contact a roofing company, like ACE Roofing, to see which options are best suited for your home.