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Residential Metal Roofing: Is It Right for Me?

When the contractor delivered the sad news that my roof needed replacing, that led to a discussion of material choices. I was surprised to hear that metal roofing was an option. Sure, it was fine for commercial buildings, but a home? My contractor told me that metal is used for homes more than people realize. The panels can be designed to look like just about any type of roofing you can imagine. After looking at some samples and finding out about the long life of metal roofs, I decided to give it a try. Fifteen years later, my roof is still in great shape. If you are facing a roof replacement in the near future, let me tell you more about metal roofing. I'm betting that you'll decide this solution is right for your home.

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Residential Metal Roofing: Is It Right for Me?

A Homeowner's Guide To Providing An Overview Of Roofing Issues Over The Phone To A Professional

by Kelly Murphy

When your roof is in need of repair or replacement, you will likely go to great lengths to make sure that the company you eventually hire for the job is qualified and experienced to get the job done to your standards. However, most homeowners will take little time to make sure they are conveying the right information when they call a roofing company with their problem. Here is your guide to providing an overview of roofing issues to a professional so you can gain better insight into their services.

Know the Type of Roof You Have

The biggest deciding factor on price when a professional does work on a roof is the type of roof that you have. You likely will know the difference between metal sheet roofing or shingles, but to get a more in-depth response over the phone, it is best to get as technical as you can in this area. Try to figure out of you have asphalt or composite shingles or clay or synthetic shakes, for example. The more information you can provide about the type of roof you have, the easier it will be for the roofing company to give you an idea of what they can do and how much it may be.

Have a General Idea of the Size of Your Roof

It is not that you should be expected to climb up on your roof with a measuring tape to determine the precise size of your roof, but a general estimate will be helpful when you are talking to a professional on the phone. Usually, if you can provide the floor area of your home, a professional can give you a better idea of how much a roofing replacement would cost. Of course the figures will not be exact until someone does a precise measurement, but you will be able to obtain a general ballpark figure.

Be Able to Offer Explanations of the Problem

If you are having an issue with a leaky roof and you call to get an idea of repair prices, it is best if you have some idea of the root of the problem. For example, if you suspect that the leak is caused by missing shingles, let the professional know. The more specific you can be, the closer you will be able to get to an actual price when you call.

Not knowing how to communicate to a professional over the phone about the type of roof you have and what is wrong can play a big part in the feedback you get. This is especially true when you are just calling around to check prices and information. Make sure you use this helpful guide to ensure you get the most reliable information.

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