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Residential Metal Roofing: Is It Right for Me?

When the contractor delivered the sad news that my roof needed replacing, that led to a discussion of material choices. I was surprised to hear that metal roofing was an option. Sure, it was fine for commercial buildings, but a home? My contractor told me that metal is used for homes more than people realize. The panels can be designed to look like just about any type of roofing you can imagine. After looking at some samples and finding out about the long life of metal roofs, I decided to give it a try. Fifteen years later, my roof is still in great shape. If you are facing a roof replacement in the near future, let me tell you more about metal roofing. I'm betting that you'll decide this solution is right for your home.

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Residential Metal Roofing: Is It Right for Me?

Four Great Options For Wood Siding Installation On Your Home

by Kelly Murphy

If you need to have siding installed on your home, wood siding is a great choice that will give your home an attractive look. There are many choices of wood siding. You may want to choose a treated siding product or natural materials such as cedar or cypress. These materials are resistant to weather and can last for many years. If you are looking for the right siding for your home, you will want to consider things like finishing and trim. If you plan to have wood siding installed on your home, here are some of the great options:

1. Wood Shake Siding With Continuous Woven Corners

Wood shakes are a great material to use as siding on your home. They can be installed just like a cedar shake roof and can be installed with woven corners. The woven corners are a technique of weaving the corners together so that the shakes continuously wrap around your home. This style give your siding a clean look without any corner trim. You can also choose to have the shakes installed with the trim if you want your home to have more of a craftsman-style look to the siding.

2. Natural Wood Planks That You Can Stain Yourself

There are also many options for natural looking siding. If you want to have a siding with a natural look, wood planks can be great. You can get raw pine siding plants to install as siding on your home and stain them any color you want. This is great if you want to have a more rustic look for your home. There are even reclaimed materials that you can use to give your siding more of a worn and rustic look.

3. Cypress Siding With A Natural Oil Finish To It

If you want to have siding that has a natural finish, cypress is a great material to use as siding on your home. It is also one of the most costly wood siding materials, but you can treat it with just a coat of oil for a natural finish. It is a light colored wood that is naturally resistant to weathering and insects, which makes it ideal for exterior wood finishes on your home.

4. Trim Options For Wood Siding On Your Home

You also have many choices for the wood trim on your home, which can be done with materials that match your wood siding. If you want more texture, color and details for the siding on your home, you can paint trim on corners, doors and windows. This will add color and depth to the siding and can be done with composite materials or real wood. You can also stain the trim a different color than the siding to get the same effect.

These are some of the options that you have for wood siding on your home. If you need help with the installation of wood siding on your home, contact a siding contractor to have them install your siding with some of these ideas. 

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